Cost-Effective Computing

OpenWhisk is different from traditional compute technologies, in that you only pay for the exact duration your code is executing, rounded up to the nearest 100ms. You don’t pay for idle time which means you may see considerable cost savings when compared to using VMs or containers.

How does it work?

OpenWhisk is billed solely on resource consumption measured in Gigabyte Seconds (GB-s). Resource consumption is calculated by multiplying memory size in Gigabytes by the time in seconds it takes to execute the action, rounded up to the nearest 100ms. This means you can further reduce your costs by only allocating as much memory as is needed for your actions to do their job. You may incur additional charges if your action utilizes other Bluemix services like Watson or Cloudant.

See Runtime page of your actions under the Manage tab.

Basic OpenWhisk Rate:

The free tier includes 400,000 GB-seconds of compute time per month. After the free tier, the cost is $0.000017 per GB-second of execution, rounded up to the nearest 100ms.

Example Monthly Costs

Your consumption of the free tier depends on the memory size you choose for your actions. The table below highlights how your action configurations along with usage can impact your overall free tier and monthly cost.

Looking at the second row below, if you allocated 256MB of memory to your action, executed it 5 million times in one month, and it ran for 500 milliseconds each time, your charges would be $3.83

Time (s)Memory (MB)# ExecutionsCost